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Dec. 24th, 2010


Have a wonderful day, and celebrate, celebrate, celebrate!!

and i'm off to make a white cake, fingers cross!

At school, my teachers always encouraged us to interpret information, to put information together, to see the WHOLE picture,

and i think i made my teachers proud

As we all know, there are at least 2 soccer fans in hsj, and there's proof out somewhere in an interview where Yabu said that he would stay up all night with his friends to watch the soccer, SO i did some research ( if only i displayed such dedication in my school work =_=)

The FIFA world cup runs every four years, the latest one being in South Africa, this year.

it was only a few hours ago that i actually paid attention to soccer.  the next World Cup Host Country 'competition" was all over the news. Apparently, the committee ( or something) was deciding on which country the World Cup would be hosted at..

and yes, Australia was one of them

NOW, using my wonderful deducing skills

YABU KOTA = soccer Fan = watches soccer =   FIFA world cup   = hosted by Australia = YABU will go ( prob inviting Yamada) = YABU comes to Australia = i meet them XD
oh, and why not take the whole hsj here to do a pv or something XD

yes, this is my wonderful conclusion

but it's an IF, oh and yabu will be 32 by 2022,, SO i'm sure they won't be doing Summary ( although, i don't mind them doing it...)

So, if i was able to voice my opinion on WHY THE FIFA WORLD CUP SHOULD BE HELD IN AUSTRALIA, my say will be the "kota yabu will come to Australia"

anyways, that's an IF, i doubt it..... but hey, it's possible ne?

and i'll crack up if we do get selected!

i'll just have to do a 12 year countdown HAHAHAHAHH


what do you think guys?




Hikaru's hatachi!


omedetou YOU'RE NOW 20!!!

please don't change who you are =]

your unique personality is whats most lovable about you XDXDXDXDXD

i'm glad your parents decided to name you 'hikaru" cause it certainly fits you!

continue your good work!

i hope you have a wonderful day, where you can celebrate  with hey say best (except daiki) YES, i did my research,and the legal drinking age in japan  is 20, so yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy GO GET DRUNK WITH YABU *giggles, But do it in private please ( although i don't mind some pics...)


~ Love, Cindy

3 years late....

hello there

i have to admit, i haven't really been posting stuff ( .......wait, i meant i HAVE NOT posted anything! BAKA)

anyways, i just want to announce my newest addiction YABUHIKA, they are my no.1!! 

(kinda drifted away from yamada....i love how he dances, and all that, BUT how can yabuhika NOT WIN?!?! )

this is really a bad time to get hooked on them two, (i mean, i SHOULD really be cramming now, instead of spending hours on them..especially because i have an exam tomorrow, and the day after, OH, and for the next few weeks, but i'm hooked =[ )

yeah, i tell myself that i will start studying, and then somehow, i'm on the computer watching their videos, reading their fanfics.........i have to admit, at the moment it is NOT A HEALTHY addiction...

this is my first time fangirling... i was never addicted to anything that strongly before

Does anyway have a cure?

but it doesn't matter! cause yabuhika are like my stress reliever, my medicine!!

i feel really grateful that there are so many stuff out there on them XD, i have some many years to catch up!  i've been watching the ya-ya-yah clips ( yes, instead of studying =[ ) and they were so adorable! i love yabu's voice, AND hikaru was just TOO adorable, and shoon was so cool, and i love taiyo's goofiness as well!

SO, it is too late to mourn over ya-ya-yah? over shoon and taiyo?

I'm a big fan of Hey Say Jump, especially Yamada Ryosuke.

How i got into them? WELL,  i watched 1-pound-gospel a few years ago and that Katsumi Chan caught my eye. Well he was soooo cute especially in the last episode so naturally i googled him. Just found out that he was the SAME AGE AS ME, a few months younger, and he was in this group called "hey say jump".

My first impressions? The group name was so longggg, THREE WORDS. And the Tantei Gakuen Q picture of him on wiki didn't help either. Yamada Ryosuke looked like a girl. And so that was the end of my interest in him.

one day, after watching drama, and reading manga, i got bored. i had a google page infront of me, and i wanted to search something. suddenly a name "yamada ryosuke" popped into my head. (it was a very catchy name, and so it was hard to forget ).  One of the top posts was "happy 17th b'day Yama chan" . Amazing wasnt' it? And after that, there was not a day that passed without me googling Yamada Ryosuke or Hey Say Jump

This entry will be my first ever post. I"m very new to this LJ thingy so i will apologize now for anything that i did wrong. i decided to start a LJ because i know that i am not alone. There are zillions of Hey Say Fans out there, and so i want to meet them all. To share our common interest =]